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Products > Battery Eliminators  

Name: Battery Eliminators BL1301 for TC518, TC510, TC585, TC500S
Model No. : BL1301
Brand Name : CHAOSHI
OEM Model No: BL1301
Country of Origin: CHINA
Product Description:


Battery Eliminators for two way radios.

Input: DC 12V ~ 24V

Output: 8V 2A.

FitS  HYT TC-518, TC-510, TC-585, TC-500S etc...

The Battery Eliminator fits on your radio in place of the battery and plugs into a cigarette
lighter socket for power.

The battery eliminator acts like a battery with a cable to access a DC external power supply.
It is ideal to inspect transmitters and receivers on incoming radios. Reverse supply polarity
protection and input fuse protection are provided.

Install the battery eliminator on your radio instead of the rechargeable battery, and then plug
the eliminator into your car cigarette lighter for unlimited power.

The battery eliminator helps save battery life by eliminating the need for a battery while in a
The battery eliminator operates off of a vehicle electrical system and is ideal when
a radio is frequently used in a vehicle.

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